maha-erwin-new-author-photoWho is Maha Erwin?

We are a married couple with 40 years of combined experience in finance and science. Formerly employed in academia and industry as researchers and consultants, now we are entrepreneurs and indie authors who create content for adults across multiple platforms.

map africa foreverHow did we met?

Possessed by wanderlust, the two of us separately booked a two-month safari from South Africa to Kenya in 2010.  We fell in love at first sight and a year later we wed in the amazing city where we met, Cape Town.  Our friends and family urged us to write our “cute meet” story, but only years later did we dream up a somewhat romanticized version of our coming together.

1600x1200_low-resWhat content do we create?

We immersed ourselves into the magical world of fiction through film and soon enough Don’t Say Forever was a registered screenplay. Producers and directors at the 2013 American Film Market were raving about our indie rom-com but not ready to buy. “Without attaching a bestselling novel, financing is nearly impossible,” they warned. In 2014, we accepted the challenge and morphed into aspiring novelists. While gallivanting around the globe, the seeds of creative stories continued to grow, blossoming into deliciously funny fruits. By 2016, the page count of our chick lit series exploded sevenfold from the original 120-page screenplay. Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life – book one in series of romance chick lits – was published on Amazon in July 2016. Humanity Rebooted – book one in a series of scifi books – is slated for release in December 2017.

wine-and-food-sicilyWhat are our passions?

Creative writing, definitely.  Tasting vintage wine, always. Dining at fine restaurants, undeniably. Traveling to incredible sights, of course. We live wherever our hearts guide them. In the past four years, we’ve lived in the cities of Amsterdam, Bangkok, Belgrade, Cape Town, London, Miami, New York City, Punta del Este, Rome, San Francisco, Siam Reap, Sicily, and Split. The memorable people we befriend around the globe often inspires us to write our quirky yet relatable characters.

To armchair explore the countries we’ve toured, visit our page.

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