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San Franciscan career woman Aimée Fitzgerald is blessed with natural beauty and a logical brain. Despite this unique combination, she’s unlucky in love. Rather than dwell on her failed relationships, her New Year’s resolution is to celebrate the joys of being single. When she lures Preston Evans, a narcissistic colleague, into her bedroom, she expects nothing more than a few hours of guiltless escapism. After all, an awkward morning is far better than a lonely night. But of course, their binge-crazed fling takes a turn for the worse. Haunted by the bleak aftermath of the one-night stand, Aimée retreats into her shell. Not only does she avoid intimacy altogether, she drowns her sorrows in a lethal cocktail of quick fixes.

Kasey Moore, her lifelong friend, is on a mission to lift her spirits. He escorts Aimée to an extravagant launch party promoting the libido-enhancing drug Intomesee. Shortly after meeting the host, Salvatore Rossi, better known as Matador, Aimée becomes his latest bullseye. On their first date, the Italian business magnate with a twisted sense of humor paints her gloomy life passionately red. No stranger to the pleasure principle, he pressures her to experiment in the birthplace of free love. To seek out alternative expressions of intimacy. Although their dates are fraught with complications, Aimée feels alive in his presence. Less burdened by her past, she dares to do the impossible. To make the shameless philanderer retire from the dating game.

But what if Matador rejects and betrays her love? After all, he isn’t exactly the poster boy of fidelity. His appetite for la dolce vita is voracious. If he falls for someone younger and prettier, will she tumble deeper into her existential crisis? If she snubs his advances, she might follow in her mother’s footsteps, trapped in a sex-starved marriage, feeling underappreciated and overwhelmed. Did she overlook any other options to reclaim her autonomy and dignity? The answers lie within a liberating journey, which demands her imagination, resourcefulness, and trickery.


Intomesee is true to the old-time raunchy spirit of San Francisco, neither predictable nor puritanical. The humor is totally one-of-a-kind Maha-Erwin – quirky, offbeat, and satirical. You will be hooked! And you will be laughing… hard! The characters are so real and likable, reading it I kept feeling as if I could find them sitting around my local café. Aimee is not your mother’s strong female protagonist. ; ) She’s real, flawed, colorful, and has a heart of gold. I think this book teaches perseverance, sassiness, and above all, to be true to your heart. And it will no doubt jump-start more than a few marriages! Every young woman has a bit of Aimee in her, and many navigate their romance path along a zigzag past one or two Matadors. You find yourself rooting for Aimee all the way through. And frequently doubled over crying from laughing. –  Amazon Reviewer

A fascinating insight into ‘San Francisco’ think. Poor Aimée falls from one bad situation to another. She blames herself for the death of a close relative; carries on a series of disastrous liaisons; becomes embroiled in a community of the sexually… ah… deviant, Baysiders; un-represses disturbing childhood memories of her mother. And it all goes down hill from there, but maybe, somehow, Aimée finds the passionate life she seeks, maybe not. This all happens in an atmosphere of doctors, entrepreneurs, gangs, and everything you ever thought might be part of life by the Bay. –  Goodreads Reviewer

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