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Intomesee: In Pursuit of Passionate Life is a romantic comedy. The 1967 Summer of Love never ended in the City by the Bay. It just morphed into the “play ethic” of the hyper-rich and upwardly mobile.
Introducing Aimée, a San Franciscan who plays by the rules – hooks up, no strings attached – until her bourgeois world collapses. Desperate, she must find a husband. A Mr. Half-Right will do, so long as he provides her financially security again. Matador, the pharmaceutical magnate who concocts the newly-launched female libido drug, Intomesee, exceeds all her expectations. His pharma-drugs give her passionate highs, but does she possess the je ne sais quoi to intoxicate him in the city designer built for free love?
Don’t Say Forever is a romantic comedy. An eccentric team of medics run amok on a humanitarian expedition across Africa.
Humanity Rebooted is a thriller scifi novel about the cerebral revolution. In the near future, science will engineer sentients by uploading human minds in the digital space. In the beginning, Homo senti co-exist with Homo sapiens, ruling only their countless synthetic worlds. But since the intelligence of the sentients is far greater than that of humans, Earth is next for sentient domination.