TRAVELS: We traveled through the urban jungles of Serbia from May until July. Then, on the first week of August 2016, we arrived at Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, where we celebrated the promotional launch our latest book – a romance chick lit – Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life.

A LITERARY VACATION spotlights Intomesee
FICTION VIXEN features Intomesee
TURN THE PAGE interviews Maha Erwin

BOOKS: It’s been a scary ride marketing our brand and our debut novel without the safety net of a media-publishing house. But now, blogs are promoting us, including A Literary Vacation, Fiction Vixen, and Turn the Page. The time has come for you, our readers, to engage too. Write us a review on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, or/and Goodreads. Share what you liked and disliked. Tell us how we can improve your overall experience in the future.

RETREATS: Aside from writing and traveling, what are our plans for next year? To move to the Czech Republic. Our new home will be a big bubble surrounded by forested trails, tranquil lake shores, and sunny terraces. There, we hope to facilitate intensive writers’ retreats. Offer aspiring novelists a chance to be free from big city distractions. Once the mind is clear and skills are honed, that’s when the magic happens. Stories come to life.